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 Inside the Xbox Dash

Hey ! I've seen that before ! The Xbox Dash
 Check it out ... the Xbox Dash (yes, that is what the green menu is called before you put a game in).

If you have been using your Xbox for more than 5 minutes , this interface should be no mystery to you . Since we are dealing with saved games & memory , we need to enter the MEMORY tab on the dash . Use your left analog stick (or the thumb pad) to navigate up & down till Memory is highlighted in a bright green . Press the A button to enter the Memory subsection.

*Note* : Do not put the disc of the Game you want to play in the Xbox DVD Drive ... most games don't see the memory card because they use the Xbox Hard Drive . Eject any games you have in the Xbox so you can use the Dash to transfer Saved Games over easily.

Ok , now what !?

If your screen looks like the one just below
(just a pulsing green Xbox) , you didn't put the Action Replay Memory card in your controller or its not properly connected . Double check that your memory card is properly inserted into your controller (you can plug & unplug things on the fly , no need to turn off the Xbox)


Something looks different...

If you have everything hooked up correctly , you will see your memory card pictured in controller 1
(or 2, 3 ,4) . I happen to have my AR Memory card in the first controller , but it doesn't matter what controller the memory card is in . (The Memory Card picture only shows up if a memory card is present , so don't worry if have 4 controllers plugged in and the other 3 aren't pictured)

Selecting the Memory Card

Since Xbox owners have been blessed with the convenience of a built in Hard Drive , the inevitable ignorance of memory cards is sure to follow
(damn you Microsoft !). You need to select the memory card . Do so by moving your left analog stick left or right until the Memory card picture is now pulsing bright yellow/green . Once you got it pulsing brightly , press the A button on your controller to check out what you put on it :)

Inside your AR Memory Card

If you have checked out the Memory on your Xbox Hard Drive , this interface should look familiar. Please note that this menu shows you important information ; like the total memory units available
(in this case with the 8Mb AR Memory Card , 510) and how many slots are still available . Also pictures of Saved Games are usually displayed to help you visually navigate with more confidence .

Choosing a Saved Game

Use the left analog stick up or down
(or the thumb pad) to scroll through what is on your memory card . Only games that you have transferred (or saved) to the memory card will appear . Now find the Saved Game you want transferred to your Xbox .

The Tricky Part , selecting the right thing

If your pressed the A button on your controller at this point , you'll see the screen below . DELETE !? BUT I WANT TO COPY IT TO THE XBOX !!!  This is because the Saved Game itself was not selected, the Game Title was selected. It's just a pretty picture to help you identify the game . Press the B button on your controller to back out of here .

Doh! I need to select the Game File

When you are at the Save game you want , move your left analog stick to the right to highlight the little game circle . It'll have that same pulsing yellow/green ring around it you've seen on other selected things within the Xbox Dash. Now you can press A .
(Notice also that the information of the highlighted circle changed . 2 pictures above it said "Azurik 1 Save" ... now it says  "SaveGame #1" . That's a hint that you have the correct Saved Game highlighted.)

Copying the Saved Game

After pressing A you should see a COPY & Delete option
(like below) . Choose COPY and press the A Button to transfer the Save Game over to the Xbox.

Copy To ... damn there is a lot of steps !

Next the Xbox Dash is confirming where the Saved Game is going
(hey its Microsoft ...) . Your Xbox Hard Disk should be highlighted (with the now familiar green/yellow glow) . Press A to begin the transfer ....


*Note*  : If you have other memory cards in other controllers you'll see the other memory cards as objects you can choose to transfer Saved Games to . This is cool if you need to make backups of memory cards or your friend is over and wants to take a Save home without leaving this screen .

When a Save is already there !

Most of the time when you play a game , that game will make a saved game. It will put the save on the Hard Disk of the Xbox under the game's own folder and then under a slot there , lets just say Slot 1 . Now CodeJunkies is using Slot 1 for there game and they make a backup of Slot 1 for you to use . The Xbox is going to put the Saved Game back where it should go for that game . That might be right where your game save is ! You can choose to overwrite it at this point if you don't care
(or now would be a good time to back out and transfer your game to another memory card incase you don't like the new game save your putting in). Don't worry though , it will only overwrite the Save for that game (in this case Azurik) . You Halo game will not be overwritten ;)

F*ckit I'm born to be wild

If you choose yes
(or in may cases there is an open available slot) you'll see the Xbox copying screen like below .

An AR Power Save

Action Replay Power Saves
(these Saved Games are hacked by the Pros at CodeJunkies/Datel) have there own Cool logos for their work . These Saved Games will always copy over .

Hey ! I did what you said but it still won't Copy !!!

Notice there is no Cool AR logo ... that means there is no guarantee that the Saved Game you downloaded will copy over to the Xbox . In this case with Dead or Alive XtremeBeach Vollyball , the game makers
(Team Ninja) didn't want you messing around with there game data or YOUR saves. So they locked it out from people to copy over or backup . The person that uploaded this file online was most likely using a Modded Xbox & do not have the restrictions that legal Xbox owners have.

(Many people who own Action Replay for the Xbox also have Modified Xbox's , which means they have altered or added parts to there Xbox [e.g. Mod-Chips , Linux etc..]. They are using CodeJunkies' website too , to transfer & share their altered saved games. This can make things annoying & frustrating for legal & un-modified Xbox owners because legal Xbox owners CAN NOT use these hacks or saves . Double check in CodeJunkies Forum for posts about games like these.)


Inside your Xbox Hard Disk

You should be able to now see (when you back out of course [hit the B button a lot] & enter your Xbox Hard Disk under the Memory subsection) all the games you've played and have saved games for . You can double check the date & size with the Saved Game on your memory card to make sure its the same . Or just check out & familiarize your self with where saved are organized on your Xbox . The last 3 pictures in this section show Copy Protected games . As you can see , you can't even backup your own hard work ! In this case , I wouldn't get your hopes up for legal cheats or saves for those games .




It works ! Azurik saved game copied over perfectly !





Damnit no data to back up !!! Must be one of those Copy Protected Games :(





I Have not Copy options !!! That game sucks (without beverages anyway) !




Team Ninja ... you suck !!! (damn polygon p0rn)

Sometimes you don't have enough Space :/

A new trend with game publishers is to make very very large saved game files . Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is a perfect example of this . If you notice on the selected saved game file , it uses 1600 blocks of memory . But your average 8Mb Memory card only holds 510 blocks of Memory !!! Why is the Saved Game 24Mb !!!??? Lucas Arts didn't want you copying the game easily 
(it's probably cheaper than paying for the right to use Copy Protection from Microsoft). But Action Replay got a Saved Game out & the Community is hard at work cracking this too . But expect to see more of this crap soon from your favorite game makers.

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I hope this helped some of you !

All work (stolen or otherwise) was put together by Cirreus Krestel (for educational purposed only!). I'll be updating this soon for easier navigation . If you know some important piece of information that needs to go in here , shout it out in the CodeJunkies Forum !