Action Replay Save Game Guide (*unOffical*) last updated on 10/16/03


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   The layout for this webpage was blatantly stolen from Microsoft's new  site. I'll change to something original when I get around to it . I wanted something clean & quick.

   I made this based on some of the questions that where popping up on the CodeJunkies forum , I had a couple of hours to blow on this rainy Saturday afternoon in South Jersey (aka the part of New Jersey where there is still trees) . And on the phrase quoted from ;

    "There are no stupid questions, but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots"


Choose a link below !

Action Replay Program
(A basic walkthrough of the Action Replay interface and guidelines)


Inside the Xbox Dash
(Having trouble with copying over your saved games ? Check out this section !)


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
(Got some Smrt questions ? Here are some Dumbe answers ;) - always under construction (Union Supervised)


Movies "Inside the Xbox Dash"rev.1
(really bad movie just put together real quick)

Got Games ?
(List of the Games I own & Saves I got working for them ... or not)

Other Important Links , ,