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Action Replay Program


First thing is of course is launching Action Replay ! So double click on the Action Replay icon on your desktop or launch it from your start menu. If you can't find your shortcut to Action Replay you can go to the start menu , choose run , and in the new Run window that just opened type the following to launch Action Replay "
C:\Program Files\Datel\ActionReplay Xbox\ActionReplayXbox.exe" and then press the enter key . I'm assuming already that you have AR installed (aka Action Replay) and the drivers properly loaded in . If not please refer to your installation manual .

Action Replay Interface

Make sure that everything is plugged in
(including the memory card) and you should see center Action Replay logo (the big green AR in the center) and the little AR logo down by your clock. When everything is working "right", those 2 logos will appear green.

Not Plugged in ?

If your memory card is not plugged in or the software can't find a memory card dock, the big AR logo as well as the little AR logo by the clock will be grayed out like the picture below . If this is the case , double check all your connections , make sure everything is plugged etc... etc... Sometimes you just need to exit & restart the AR program.

Information on Games Saves

What kind of save is it ? Good Question ... If you you hold your mouse point over a saved game , whether its a Power Save or a Community Save , a dialog phrase will will appear giving you some important information
(usually). This is sometimes doesn't work . Moving your mouse from the Memory section , to the PC Database section back to the Power Save/Community section brings the dialog phrase back up.

Transferring within the Interface

If you ever played with file manager or the folder explorer within Windows OS , you should be familiar with tree structures . Click the little plus sign
(or double click on the game folder) in front of the game you want use and folder tree expands. There may be various games within . Check out which ones you want and drag from the PC Database section in the center . Left click on the saved game & hold , now drag over to Memory card. Everything will gray out like below and you'll see the orange transfer bar progressing . As a rule of thumb , always transfer saved games to the PC Database first . The AR interface converts saved files to AR Memory card compatible game saves . (That doesn't mean the Saved Game will work , but it will make sure the Xbox dash will see it atleast)

(not sure on how to drag n drop ... bust out some solitaire and start crackin')

Downloading Saved Games

When downloading Power Saves from the CodeJunkies website
(which is sometimes out of date but some people report this is more reliable than using the AR interface to download power saves), save to a place you can drag and drop the zip file to the AR interface (the Desktop is an easily accessible place) . Then Drag & Drop that file to the center PC Database section. If done correctly , should add another tree folder with name of your game you just downloaded.

Community Saves & "Questionable Saves"

There is a few other sites out there as well as the community section of AR
(designated by the title Community Save rather than Power Save) that allow you to download saves from other Xbox owners. Community saves & hacked saves (other than Datel/CodeJunkies' Power Saves) are not supported by CodeJunkies may not work with AR or even your Xbox . There is no guarantee . My suggestion is read up as much as possible (either through description , web forums or friends) and back up any saves on your Xbox you want to keep . Try downloading the game file onto the desktop (or folder of your choice) and then dragging it into the PC Database section of the AR interface. If it works , you'll see no errors & the saved game now in your database. (so far so good)

Not a Valid Save !? WTF ?

Some files , although they appear to be saves , or working hacks , are not valid Xbox save games. This means the Xbox will not see the game file . The AR interface filters these files and lets you know whether is valid or not as seen below. Sometimes valid Xbox Saves & Power Saves get corrupted . The cause , .... who knows ? I know for a fact downloader programs that allow you to resume downloads
(e.g. Getright) can cause Xbox Saves to become corrupted. Or you may need update your AR interface software. If you haven't updated your AR interface , then most likely you need to .

(updating the AR interface won't let you put in nude patches for DOA or let you use unlimited ammo in Halo , but it will fix problems with invalid Xbox Power Saves & some community saves.)

Updating AR Interface software

After AR was release some bugs where found. The update found on CodeJunkies website fixes some of these problems . I recommend you download this update whether you have problems or not .
(for most people who bought Action Replay , they need to download this update . The CD that came with AR is most likely v1.0.0, which is out of date) Click the links below to download the update .


Click Here To Download

If the above does not work try this link to download the 1.0.5 update.$&r=0&l=1

  Installing the Update

This isn't rocket science , just make sure you completely exit out of the Action Replay Interface before launching the update installer. Check by the your clock on the task bar , sometimes the program goes to "sleep" and is hiding down there. Then double click on the Action Replay update application .

  The Installer

Next , I Agree , Next , Next Finished ... No I don't need to reboot ;) . If you have installed 1 program , you've installed 100 . If you run into any problems with updating , double check a few things such as ; Did you exit AR before running the update ? Did you install AR software from the CD first ? , if you said yes to both questions , then try rebooting your computer . Now try running the update . Everything should go smoothly . If your still in a jam hit the CodeJunkies forum and let them know about it.


After updating your Action Replay Interface , you should have less problems , particularly with "invalid" Power Saves & most "valid" community saves.


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I hope this helped some of you !

All work (stolen or otherwise) was put together by Cirreus Krestel (for educational purposed only!). I'll be updating this soon for easier navigation . If you know some important piece of information that needs to go in here , shout it out in the CodeJunkies Forum !