Welcome to Sypher Krestel's KDX Client Tutorial Guide™

News: Just started , will finish the guide up over the next few weeks ,
working Windows guide , will include Mac OSX versions when I'm done.

Tutorial Guide Index [HTML]
Last Updated : 09-02-04

1.  Introduction
2.  KDX at Haxial.com & Crackz
3.  Installation & Setup

4.  Personal Customization (Icon setup)
5.  Using the Damn Application
6.  Easter Eggs & other Cool Shit


Tutorial Guide Index [PDF]
Last Updated :

 1.  KDX Client Tutorial Guide.pdf


Important Links

http://www.haxial.com/  - Developers homepage for KDX

http://www.haxial.com/products/kdx/index2.html - KDX main page

http://www.haxial.com/download/  - where you download all the latest Haxial/KDX products