4.  Personal Customization (Icon setup)
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Using KDX Client 1.520 (applies to version 1.300-1.520)

I.  First things first
If you want more info on KDX , please visit the KDX Homepage , read the Getting Started guide & of course my favorite the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). ewk!

This section will be expanded in the future to include appearance files , sounds , color schemes , editing the above mentioned etc... etc... But ATM , most people are interested in replacing what I call the "construction worker" icon & scheme , I'll be focusing on replacing your personal Icon first. So this is a half ass guide to just changing your Icon for the moment.


II. Lets get rolling already
"Welcome to Hell ... and yes we fired the guy who wanted pastels everywhere"

Fire up KDX .  You should see the main Connect window (with the yellow/black/grey buzz saw KDX logo) & the KDX Address Book window.  But don't worry if other windows are not open or are open (like the User List , File Browser , Chat Window etc... KDX remembers where on the screen you last left a window & you can configure what opens on when executing KDX)


Next you need to click on Commands & then Settings


You see the KDX Settings window open now

On a quick side note: the image below shows what the icon, foreground & background colors represent to your appearance in the User List.


Now if you notice you can right click on that "construction worker" icon & a little menu appears. "Get Info , Cut , Copy , Paste | Clear" . The idea is to put something cool in there.

Another side note: if you click on Get Info at this point , you'll get some information about the icon in place . You'll notice that the icon size is 32x32 pixels . This is important cause the icon you want is gonna have to be 32x32 pixels at some point.



Next your gonna need to find an Icon that is 32x32 pixels . You can use any image you want if you know how to resize the image to 32x32 pixels. (shit the easiest thing to do is ... go into MS Paint , Image>>>Attributes & change your height & width to 32 & 32 , click the paint bucket and fill in a color ;) . I searched Google Images for icons because Google tells you the image size .



III. Cut to the Chase Fucker ! I want to know how to put my damn Icon in!
So you found your icon that you want to use . Quickest thing is to right click on the image & choose edit . Your default image editing program should open . (I'm using the windows default application which is Paint cause everyone has it. [located in your programs menu , under accessories] )


Now that you have the image you want as your icon open in Paint , click on the "Edit" menu at the top and click then on"Select All".

Now notice that your image as a black & white "tracks" around the outside border. You know that your image is now selected & ready for the clipboard.

Next , right click on the image or go back to the "Edit" and choose "Copy". Once you click copy , nothing is going to happen , but the image is now magically in the clipboard & can be pasted into the KDX icon window.


Go back to KDX client (or just re-launch it) , Click on Command>>> Settings . Right click on that "construction worker" icon , click on "Paste"


You should have the icon now that you had in paint. If you get a bullshit error about 256bit colors , don't worry KDX will change it for you automatically . Click "Save" or "Apply" & that's it . Your Done,

FYI , you can change anything in Settings in KDX while your connected any Server(s) to see your changed immediately.